shower screen Helsinki Royal

Model: Helsinki Royal

This is a new system of profile hinges, suitable for all types of screens.Finland hinges are made of high quality aluminum with a lifting mechanism which allows  different settings of opening and closing.


Model: H1
Model: H1+R

Model: H2
Model: H2+К1
Model: HАТ2_1
Model: HBE1_1
Model: HBERA2_1
Model: HH2_R1
Model: HPA2_1
Model: HPA2_2K_1
Model: HPA2_2P_1
Model: HPA2_H1
Model: HPA2_H1_1
Model: HPA2_R_1
Model: HPA2_R_P_1
Model: HPA2_VANA_1
Model: HPR_1
Model: HR_1
Model: HR_PA2_1
Model: HS_1
Model: HSK_2
Model: HS_2K_2
Model: HST_1
Model: HV_1
Model: HVS_1
Detail description:   pdf helzinki-ROYAL-M_440.pdf - 4.1MB
Detail description:   KR_440.doc - 636.5KB

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Helsinki Royal
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Helsinki R
Helsinki R
Helsinki R
Helsinki R
Helsinki Royal
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