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Shower enclosure - Paris2 & Roma

Model: Paris 2 + Roma
Shower screen Paris2&Roma is perfect for small spaces in bathrooms. Allows full opening into the shower so create a large entrance the shower stall. 

Shower enclosure - Paris2 & Roma
Shower enclosure - Paris2 & Roma

Detail description:   paris2&poma_214.pdf - 1.99MB
Technical data
Different sizes are also available!

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Paris + Roma
Shower enclosure harmonics Paris 3+ Roma
Shower enclosure Paris 2+Roma -mate
Shower енцлосуре Paris 2+ Roma - blue
Shower screen Paris +Roma
Shower enclosure Paris 2+Roma
Shower enclosure Paris 2+Roma,curved glass,threshold of technical stone
Shower enclosure Paris 2+Roma
Shower enclosure Paris 2+Roma
Shower enclosure Paris 2+Roma
Shower enclosure Paris 2+Roma,old gold
Paris 2 + Roma
Sofia 2 + Roma
Paris 2 + Roma
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