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Retractable roofs Barcelona

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Have you noticed that some of your neighbors have open courtyards in the middle of their homes, which allow them to gaze at the stars at night from their own beds? Well, this is because they’ve had a retractable roof system installed.
Retractable roofs are a convenient way to provide shade and protection against the sun, wind and rain. Retractable roof systems are designed for both domestic and commercial purposes and come in different packages, including retractable awnings, pergolas, glass, rotating glass panels, and rotating aluminum panels.


This is the most basic kind of retractable roof. Its main purpose is to provide shade from the sun’s rays, and to protect against the rain. It also helps maintain a cooler feel, especially during the summer.

Full Retractable Glass

Did you know that glass windows, especially when positioned atop a house, can be rolled aside and make room for a large open area? Or, if you want to enclose a room temporarily, you can install retractable glass.
Rotating Glass Panels
These roof types are made of glass, as the name implies, and can be rotated sideways.
Rotating Aluminum Panels
This type of roof is made of aluminum panels, which can be rotated sideways like the glass panels. This produces an opaque effect.
Other benefits of retractable roofs include:

–          Flexibility and versatility
–          Functionality
–          Economical
–          Convenient
–          Decorative
–          A more comfortable living area for your patio or deck
–          Adds shade and keeps you cool
–          Saves energy, especially during summer time

Its shade keeps furniture from fading, which occurs when furniture is repeatedly exposed to sunlight. You can also build an extra room or partition through a clever use of retractable roofing.

So the next time you contemplate adding a feature that’s useful, versatile and will last, think about getting an attractive and practical retractable roof system.

For commercial purposes, an awning or other retractable roof system is a great way to help enhance both the appearance of your commercial property, and to make the most of the available space. You can choose from the following:

    Folding arm and drop awning
    Waterproof retractable roof
    Retractable sun roof
    Opaque blinds or retractable blackout blinds for a warehouse or property used for storage

So, if you are on the look-out for the perfect retractable roof for your home or business, find out more about the different types of retractable roof systems and find the one that’s best suited to your needs.

Retractable roofs Barcelona

Retractable roofs Barcelona

Retractable roofs Barcelona

Retractable roofs Barcelona

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