Mirror with LED diodes - Andromeda

Model: Andromeda
Price: 1537.00 lv. with VAT

bathroom mirror with two LED lines of vertical sides
IR switch with adjustable intensity
Power Sound System (MP3, radio, I pod®)
Digital clock with blue numbers
remote control
Two LED lights scattered on the bottom
5 mm thick mirror
Safety has a PVC film
With function anti-fog on / off red light 220V, CE, IP44


BLUE VIBE or "Internet radio" is a new system of music transmission with Bluetooth from your phone or tablet.

 The Mirror have vibrations of the mirrors frame, which emits high-frequency sound.

Thanks to the infrared sensor, the lighting is simple, light intensity of the mirror is adjustable and for incorporate.

ATTENTION- To ensure proper functioning, the mirror must be mounted at least 15 cm from all furniture or walls on the switch, otherwise the sensor not  "sees" the object and not working properly.

Built-in heater in the mirror prevents layering the water steam in the bathroom.The heating of the mirror is the ideal solution for blurry mirror and say goodbye to blurry image.
To save energy, you can turn on heating by simply pressing the red button.

Quick and easy installation with our system "X hanging"which allows the deployment both horizontally and vertically.

Our mirrors are 5 mm thick and are equipped at the back with -PVC film which, in case of breakage prevents the mirror to be broken, avoiding the formation of small cutting pieces.

Vanity & House uses certified components.

Detail description:   Specchio_bagno_andromeda_467.pdf - 473.06KB
Technical data
LR 8060 018 M 800 H x 600 mm
LR 70120 019 M 700 H x 1200 mm

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