Hinge glass to glass

Model: different models
In the category you will find glass-glass hinges of different sizes, colors and application for doors, shower cubicles, sliding made of high quality materials and at an affordable price.

Hinge glass-glass 360o
Old gold hinge

Hinge glass-glass Bologna

Set hardware with finish
/ Old gold /

Lifting hinges 135o - old gold

Hinge glass-glass KR-44


Hinge KR 45

Hinge KR 46

№3 (chrome)

Set 24K gold plating

Hinge №1 (gold) Elegant

Hinge №1 (chrome) Elegant

Hinge №2 (junior) Elegant

№3 (inox mat) articulated with a large angle with two persons Standard

Hinge glass to glass with lifting arm 5 mm / left and right, KR 15.23.105-0

№4 (junior caps) hinge glass-glass swivel double sided / PARIS 3/6 mm, 8 mm

№3 (135o away from junior) Elegant

№7 (openable inward-Paris 2) hinge glass-glass swivel 6-10mm standard

Hinge for inspection covers and furniture KR 15.06.500

Hinge glass-glass 15,23,050 SISO / DK /

KD-1101 swivel hinge 6-10 mm / Available for standard models and classic /

№1 (chrome) KF-1103A-hinge 610 mm for classic models and standard

№5 (left and right) 6-10mm

№5 (left and right) 6-10mm
/L.R/standart№9 / Standard-classic / 6-10mm

Golden hinge KR SH-T2

№6 articulated 6-8 mm standard

№7 (lifting)

hinge K11

№11 small hinge glass-glass-standard classic

№9 (chrome and gold)
180o opening - adjustable hinge
6-10 mm 18 kg.natovarvane,
chrome and stainless steel finish

135o hinge

№7 (openable inward-Paris 2) Pivoting fitting standard


Swivel hinge KA-12

automatic hinge 180º

automatic hinge 90º

automatic hinge 135º

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