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Glass door EVEREST

With a compact, invisible hinged hinge

It is a compact and innovative swing system that can be mounted in almost every wing of the door. The support hinge is equipped with a high-tech closure convenience that runs in all directions of rotation up to 360 °. When mounted, the hinge remains invisible.

The self-closing hinged washer makes it possible to create 150-kg axle doors that feel lightweight as feathers. The standard version is designed for axles up to 75 kg and has an adjustable center point that can be set to 80 mm or 178 mm. The XL version is designed for large axles up to 150 kg. The axis can be located 1/3 or centered, with a configurable swing operation of 180 ° or 360 ° as a carousel.

Glass door EVEREST

Easy installation without built-in parts

During development, great attention is paid to easy installation to ensure that the resulting rotation system can be used in both new and existing homes regardless of the construction without requiring pre-installed elements.

This hinged door hinge is mounted directly on the coated floor and under a rigid or reinforced ceiling without the need for built-in locking elements. The minimum attachment (2 screws and Hilti + holes - 4.5 cm depth) allows for easy mounting of any type of surface. Suspension of hinges is equipped with our patented positioning system 0 °. Additional magnets and one-way accessories are also included for installation when required.

Glass door EVEREST
Glass doors with minimal aluminum frame

Everest may be the ideal solution to make a unique design in the interior of your room.
Our popular rotating door is made with minimal anodized aluminum frame, available in 3 colors. The frame can be fitted with 6 or 8 mm thick toughened safety glass or other rigid materials of 6 to 12 mm. We recommend 6 to 8 mm thick tempered glass, thanks to its overall weight and strength advantage.
The frame is equipped with our invisible hinge hinges designed specifically for mounting on a finished surface without the need for built-in locks.

Glass door EVEREST

Additional decorative profiles

Additional anodized aluminum profiles for aesthetic use on glass in combination with the Everest frame system. Aluminum lines can be glued to the glass (on both sides) and used for aesthetic design. These optional decorative network profiles are available in several lengths and can easily be cut to the right size to create different designs.

Glass door EVEREST

They can be combined with static walls

Glass door EVEREST
Glass door EVEREST

Elegant glass doors

The compact fittings of Everest glass units are equipped with invisible hinged hinges designed to fit seamlessly in every interior style. Our compact fiberglass fittings are designed with minimal architecture and are available in 3 anodized colors.
Elegant glass panels can be fitted with any 10 mm thick glass. The hinge is designed to be mounted on a finished floor and a rigid or reinforced ceiling without the need for built-in bodies.
We recommend the use of 10 mm thick tempered safety glass due to extra strength. There are both normal "NL" for doors up to 1250 mm and version "XL" for very large doors available.

Glass door EVEREST
Glass door EVEREST

Modern doors

Glass door EVEREST
Glass door EVEREST
Glass door EVEREST


Glass door EVEREST
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