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Glass conservatories - Bratislava

Model: Bratislava glass
The most favorite terrace enclosure is Bratislava glass  – this model combines unique sliding system in a sleek design, aluminum frame, polycarbonate in top of enclosure and safety glass CONNEX 33.1 in the vertical walls. It is an improved sibling of winter gardens and pergolas you can use all year round. Patio enclosure Bratislava glass slides easily and therefore in the summer, you will not be trapped in poorly ventilated greenhouse, that cannot be opened and in winter you will have a place to use or to store garden furniture. Exclusive Panorama glazing brings you view without a restriction. Safety glass CONNEX 33.1 offers easier maintenance and longer lifespan.

Glass conservatories - Bratislava
Glass conservatories - Bratislava
Glass conservatories - Bratislava
Detail description:   BRATISLAVA_KERAGLASS_508.pdf - 4.07MB
Technical data
WIDTH: 2,50 - 4,50 m
HEIGHT: 2,39 - 2,99 m
profile 60 x 63 mm

Video for Winter Garden
Video 2 for Winter Garden
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