Keraglas offers mosquito nets for doors and windows in accordance with the latest technologies in the sector.
Thanks to many years of experience, characterized by the constant demand for innovative solutions, the company is gaining a leading role in the market of mosquito nets with the constant goal of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.


JOLLY is an elegant side roller mosquito net for doors, with a practical and ergonomic design and a vertical profile without handles. Very easy to use both on the outside and inside of the room. Available with single or double wings. The use of the mosquito net is easy and safe, associated with a very low lower profile of 3 mm, which makes Jolly the ideal choice for children, the elderly, as well as for doors that are used frequently.

Allows the network itself to remain attached to the lower chain. The red hooks, made of smooth plastic material, do not damage the net and block it in the presence of wind.


LIBERA is an elegant mosquito net with side sliding, ideal for a French window; It is equipped with an ergonomic grip along the entire length of the profile, which makes it comfortable and easy to use inside and out. The opening and closing of the spring-loaded door becomes completely controlled and does not allow accidental and unforeseen rapid sliding. This feature, added to the absence of a floor guide, makes the product ideal for openings with a large flow of people, as well as for children and people with reduced mobility.

The product is intended for mounting in holes only. The measurement is performed on the width and height of the hole.
Product width = Width of the hole - 2 mm
Height of the product = Height of the hole - 2 mm


PLISSE MIRAI for door openings is a lightweight mosquito system based on a vertically placed pleated mesh canvas. The system has three models with opening in one direction (one movable cornice, one sail), with opening in both directions (two movable cornices, two sails) and with opening in each direction (two movable cornices and one sail). Fixing the movable cornice at the end point is possible thanks to the magnetic tape. The system is suitable for installation in rooms used by people with disabilities. The product can be placed and then removed without the use of tools. The lower support profile has holes for water drainage in the rain.


PLISSE INFINITY is a universal mosquito repellent system with vertically arranged pleated folds to cover wide openings. The complete absence of guide rails on the floor makes the management and operation of this product easy and comfortable. This is achieved thanks to the movable guide cord located at the lower end of the net, at floor level, which retracts into the side profile when the position is assembled. The product can be easily removed for cleaning and then reassembled without the use of tools. The product can consist of one or two sections / mesh sheets /, moved from the center or even with sequential opening of the sections / up to six /.

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