Tips for choosing the right one a veranda or a winter garden

Tips for choosing the right 
one a veranda or a winter 
Tips for choosing the right glass porch or winter garden for your home.

Over the last few years, glass porches and winter gardens have become a very popular way of creating outdoor living space and improving the garden. High quality products and installation can add value to almost every property and become an exhibit while offering you more opportunities to enjoy your time at home.

Since the glass porch is differentiated as part of your home and lifestyle, there are important factors you need to anticipate before choosing the right product. Building on our rich customer experience, we can offer you the following tips when purchasing and choosing the right product and delivering the best value for money.

Although free designs are currently available, glass porches are usually mounted on the back wall of the house, creating an "inside-out" space that connects the home with the garden. That is why it is accepted as a good practice:

- You can enjoy your garden for a long time
- Added living area
- The summer season will be longer for you
- The glass porch also plays a protective role in bad weather
- Outdoor dining and barbecue, regardless of weather
- Al Fresco Entertainment
- A place where you can clean and dry the seats and pillows
- Increased UV protection
- Noise and sound insulation, privacy, vertical screens or privacy glass.

Model: Bratislava Eco

With pre-planning, the glass porch can turn your yard into a beautiful outdoor room. Errors can be expensive, so research and decision making on desirable features, size, and accessibility is desirable.

Below are some useful tips to get a good project:
• Distribute your furniture: a pre-planned place on the table and chairs can help you visualize the size and configuration of the porch. Some customers believe it is reasonable to change off-the-shelf furniture, especially large round tables for indoor spaces, thus avoiding an unnecessary increase in the size of the glass roof.
• Consider access points: arrange layouts for walkways in the house and from the veranda to the garden; Will you have dry covered access from the courtyard door to avoid the wet prints in the house.
• Positioning: side walls, glass doors, roof blinds, lighting and heating can be added to the veranda; Consider the main goals you intend to achieve with glazing on your veranda.
• Goals: Think about your key goals, exactly when and how you expect to use your balcony and remember that a quality modular system can be added later - meaning you do not have to install everything at one time.

Model: Bratislava glass

Quality and Aesthetics: We all know that the same product can have a different quality. There are also different categories of products in the glass porch market. Structures different in design, guarantee, material quality, production, glazing, paint quality, wind and snow load and elegance of appearance. You may not need an ultra-expensive porch, but most people still want good quality for their home.

Suggestions and tips from Kerhellas:

Enjoy your veranda all year round!

For the winter garden we use tempered glass with high resistance, which protects against rain, cold and dirt. You can get more security with locking systems. Do not worry about your ceiling or pergola, as the load on our system is at its core.
It will improve the energy efficiency of your home, while in summer the consumption is smaller and the air conditioning will work in a light mode. There is an option to add an active safety element. All this without changing the facade. The system can be fully dug into the floor.
Increase the space of your home and create a comfortable living space all year round with our exclusive non-glazing system.
You can add one or more sliding doors that look like a normal panel. The shape of the porch or the winter garden does not matter because our system is custom made. You can choose the color of the sliding surface that is better suited to the choice of profile color.