Shower room ideas

Shower room ideas

Shower cabins are a great way to save space in the small bathroom. Rebuilding the bathroom and building a shower will give you enough room to move freely and will look bigger than ever.

Every bathroom, no matter how small, can be adapted to the needs of the whole family by implementing intelligent storage solutions - a paradise where everyone can move freely.

What is the best way to get the most out of the compact bathroom?
Turn it into a wet room. Correct joining of faience and terracotta will create an illusion of more space and will lead to unobtrusive design that looks both chic and modern.

If your laundry room is too expensive, you can install a glass-free screen from floor to ceiling to get the same effect. In the room, make room for storage to keep your shower cabin clean and minimal.

If you prefer something extravagant, it is still possible for the bathroom to become an extravagant and entertaining boudoir. Add wallpaper to one of the walls to create a stunning design, or choose colorful tiles and ornate accessories to add a feminine touch to your bathroom.

Bathroom with mirror glow

Maximize the extra space in the bathroom by installing a concave mirror to allow for plenty of shelves. Use glossy tiles in a tone to reflect the light. Shower screens captured to the ceiling adds luxury to the bathroom.

Gray bathroom tiles

Make the most of the space by selecting a shower without frame. You can place an embedded shelf to keep your most needed products at your fingertips while the LED lights add a touch of drama.

Limestone bath

Create a unified vision by combining limestone wall tiles with similar flooring. Barriers and linings of the same stone give a luxurious touch. The wall-to-ceiling walls and shower screens of the same size, highlight the height of the room and provide additional space sensation.

Light-lit bathroom

Light up the small bathroom with light tiles from floor to ceiling. The miniature corner sink leaves room for a luxury shower cabin.

Bathroom with wallpaper

Allow your boudoir with a large shower room, transforming it by combining traditional wall tiles with wallpaper.

Tiled bathroom

Underneath the space of surplus eaves, a functional shower area can be set up. Using large size floor tiles for both the floor and walls helps to increase the space. The hatch window creates an elegant focal point.

Bathroom - black gloss

Add the impact of unconventionally shaped space by selecting a majestic effect. In this bathroom, large glossy black tiles add wealth, while a transparent sink gives an impressive appearance to the room.

Bath in brown shine

This bathroom, completely lined with terracotta, can also function as a wet room. The white fuse adds an accent to the brown glazed bathroom tiles. A shower cabin with oval shape saves space.

Country-style bathroom

Roughly textured natural limestone tiles give this bathroom a simple, provincial look. Ideally built-in shelves in extra space provide space for your belongings.

Compact bathroom

This compact, tiled bathroom in neutral color and white sanitary ware creates a maximum sense of space, and the striped Roman blind adds a splendid color.

Modern bathroom

Bathrooms should not carry the spirit of a clinic. This deluxe bathroom has a built-in shower cabin and enough room for a wet room. The mirror, painted in spicy lemon yellow, adds color, and chic accessories like a lingerie basket add warmth and texture.

Bathroom for men

As an embodiment of shiny masculinity, this bath in black and brown brings a boutique feel. Custom made wood, fittings and mirror cabinets are ideal for creating a stylish and refined bath for the men.

Blue spa bath

This bathroom in blue and a mosaic-accent combination reminiscent of the spa - perfect for a place to pamper.

Bathroom with clean lines

This clean and spacious bathroom in limestone color is completely elegant and luxurious thanks to simple fittings and a glass shower screen.

Modern neutral bathroom

The wall-mounted toilet increases the floor space of this compact bathroom, while the light limestone tiles, chrome-plated surfaces and the large mirror provide space, and the bathroom looks bigger and brighter.

Compact bathroom

Do not have a lot of space? The shower does not need to take up much space, so this is the ideal way to make the most of the small dysfunctional rooms, such as the stairs below.

Bath of pebbles

Stones imitating stones create great impact in this simple white bath. These tiles are extended to the ceiling, which increases

Bathroom in white

For a fresh and clean look, lay in a whiter bathroom - ideal for minimal decor.

Bathroom of green mosaic

The green mosaic tiles on the wall of this bathroom are wonderfully co-mingled with the floor, giving them urban style as they separate the shower room from the rest of the room.

Bathroom type studio with mosaic strip

Create a feeling of space in the small bathroom by selecting clean tiles in a neutral tint. Adding a horizontal strip of mosaic to another color will visually enlarge the space.

Compact bathroom with bathtub

You want a bath and shower, but there is no space in the small bathroom? Instead of saving space by placing the furniture next to each other, look for a G-shaped shower with a wider end on one side to give you more space for a more comfortable bathroom.

Beautiful wallpaper in the bathroom

Wallpaper can do miracles placed over the sink in the bathroom, transforming the interior from boring to beautiful. Make sure, however, that it is not placed too close to the tub or shower, otherwise the wallpaper will begin to whiten from the excess humidity.

Minimalist bathroom

Today's showers are often designed in a highly minimalist design coupled with a large glass partition to separate the shower area from the rest of the room and create a clear definition by zoning a shower space with colored tiles. The built-in shelf is convenient to fit toiletries at your fingertips.

Luxury hotel bathroom

Give your bathroom a luxurious makeover by selecting tile with marble effect. Adding a remarkable mirror and upholstered chair give the room an ultra luxurious feel.

Shower cabin with chic monochrome tiles

Tile decorated with pattern is a trend in the design of small bathrooms, so choose a small part of the wall, where to put a right-hand right, and for the rest you bet the white color. Finish the banquet design with a black tile floor.

Bathroom with shower-functional wall

A wall covered with mosaic tiles can turn an ordinary bathroom into an attractive one. If you have a separate shower and bath in your bathroom, you can highlight both zones.

Art Deco style bathroom

With its clean lines and mirror surfaces, Art Deco tends to add beauty to the bathroom or shower cabin. Invest in an expressively convex mirror as a focal point and choose a traditional set of furniture to complement it.

Bathroom in the attic

Is it necessary to install a shower in a small loft with a private bathroom? Use the sloping wall for the shower area and choose a wall sink - the larger the floor area, the bigger the bathroom will look like.

Victorian-style white bathroom

If your bathroom is not so big, do not clutter it with items and shelves. A wall of white brick type tiles and a hanging mirror cabinet over the Victorian-style sink with a built-in towel rail would add space and refinement to the small bathroom.

Bathroom with yellow-white tiles

Mixing styles from different ages can be extremely effective, as this bath shows. The inspired geometric Art Deco tiling is a striking backdrop for dramatic accessories such as a Gothic-style mirror and a decorative brilliant chandelier.нете 

Bathroom for women

Designer Shaker-style furniture emits a shattering and pleasant design. The soothing form of the oval mirror softens the angular shapes of the cabinet.

Bathroom in the spirit of a botanical garden

This green, botanical design is a fun way to enliven the vision of the bathroom. Combine it with a wooden floor grill and white walls that are in harmony with nature.

Neutrally colored bathroom

To give a designer look to the bathroom, personalize the walls with stunning hand-painted frescoes featuring silver flowers sealed in resin. Projects can be made on stone, marble or tiles sealed with waterproofing treatment. If the wall is polished plaster or concrete, complete the fresco before applying the waterproofing silicone treatment.

Modern bathroom in Art style

Gilded mirrors and modern paintings give the provincial bathroom simplicity and grandeur.

Bathroom - global inspiration

Bathrooms should not be white or create the feeling that we are in a hospital. Colorful ceramic tiles create an eclectic functional wall in this compact bathroom. Leave the rest of the walls in neutral to allow the tiles to stand out.

Abstract bathroom

There is a clean, modernistic feel for this marble bathroom and simple white furniture, and the curtain of geometric figures adds a colorful motif.

Minimalist concrete bathroom

Do you like the industrial style? The Concrete Bath radiates a modern, casual tone with a sink lying on a thick wooden countertop.

Marble bathroom

Gray marble in the shower adds to this bathroom a touch of luxury, while a frameless shower helps you not feel pressed while a large mirror gives the illusion of space.

White bathroom with dark parquet

An average bathroom in the UK is not much larger than a king-size bed, so a wet room can be an ideal solution for saving space. A shower cabin here can interfere with your free movement so that the wet room can effectively become a bath by optimizing space and creating an open feeling.

Modern gray bathroom

The luxury in this bathroom is the sense of order. The shower, sink, walls and floors are lined with marble. Black and white accessories transform the scheme from wholly white to monochrome in one moment, while the large enclosure does not dominate space thanks to its glass structure.

Modern attic with shower

Do you have extra space? Create a wet room! This bathroom has a clean, contemporary feel with stainless steel shower fittings, gray floor tiles and white vanity wash basin.

Modern bathroom

This space, like a box, contains on one side a small shower box, and on the other - a toilet and a sink. Built-in floor-to-ceiling cabinets and benches support the space organized and clean. The floor cover of the American archa is a simple but fascinating feature.

Minimalist shower

Installing frosted glass in front of the floor to ceiling windows in a contemporary scheme allows natural light to be filtered without compromising the sense of privacy in this bathroom. Pale, neutral tones are used to keep this bright look along with a large chrome grid for elegant touch.

Shower cabin with blinds

The large window with blinds adds architectural interest while creating a light and airy feeling. Limestone floors and walls, along with the spacious glass shower screen, contribute to improving the brightness of the bathroom. In addition, the two sinks provide an ultimate design that thrives in this space.

Concrete chic

Using concretes with wax for a more modern and elegant look is a great idea. Gray tones work well in a modern, minimalist scheme, while the warm stone shade creates a classic feel for a village bath. The colorful curved shower curtain shown here adds light to the otherwise simple scheme.

Bathroom curtains

Bath curtains and graceful toiletries allow this amazing shower to take center stage. Choose a wall of sophisticated green background bathroom.