Shower enclosure without shower tray

Shower enclosure without 
shower tray
KERAGLASS designs and builds shower enclosures and shower screens for both unfinished and already exisiting bathrooms. More and more customers would like to have a small threshold on the bathroom floor. KERAGLAS can solve your problem with the old and worn out shower tray. The acrylic tray under the shower gets old with time and is harder to maintain whereas a 6 cm threshold is easy to care for. It is made of engineered stone with zero water absorption. KERAGLASS shower enclosures are mounted on each of the bases thanks to the different types of hardware the company uses. The threshold for the shower screen can be straight, rounded, made of one piece or of several pieces and in different colors. If you decide to part with your old (amortized) shower you can contact us. You will receive a product with a guarantee for easy maintenance and excellent design.