Shower enclosure buying guide

Shower enclosure buying guide
There are various forms showers - square, rectangular, oval or broken. Choose a shower that gives a feeling of space inside it that will make you feel comfortable and free.
7 things you should take into consideration when choosing a shower:

1. The space in the bathroom: it is necessary to consider the size of your bathroom, if you put the shower or shower screen and where it will be positioned. In planning this important point will greatly facilitate their household.

In our site you will find various forms of showers for all your needs and preferences!

2. Positioning the shower: it is important to consider where to place the casing of the shower. Whether it is in the center of the bathroom in the corner or will have a special corner shower screens. This is important when choosing a shower tray.
example: if you choose the shower is located in the center of the room may be required D-shaped enclosure.
It is easiest shower to be installed, which is designed to place the shower to save time and avoid additional costs in moving the plumbing.

3. Types of glass: glass used in the making of showers vary, but it is best to choose tempered glass with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. The more thick is glass, so it is more durable! An interesting fact is that the glass used for shower cabins pass test breakage.

To satisfy your expectations, Order shower enclosures and screens from Keraglass.
 - Our glass panes have a thickness from 6 to 12 mm. and they are of very high quality.
 - Glass we offer are hardened, durable and safe to operate.
 - We offer a wide range of colors, materials and prints design and workmanship on individual orders.

 - Also with us you can order special treatment protivokapkovo - Protect clean, then we'll clean to perfection providing high hygiene, saving time and money!

4. Shower tray: often shower cabins are available with or without a shower tray, which the latter reduces the chances of a leak, but almost always more beautiful if the shower be installed without bed beneath it.

Keraglass offers various options for layout Shower space and preparation for placing the shower or shower screen. Here you can find a wide variety of shapes and sizes of shower trays. The shape of the shower tray can be oval, square, shower room and more.

5. Lining: If the shower you buy has no built-in shower panel, then you can use the tiles
the bathroom. If you are well done, nothing to worry about!

6. Laundry room and "walk in shower" style: these are two popular choices for modern bathroom, and both have their
Laundry room is completely waterproof room equipped with shower and is usually fully tiled. This is a great solution for people with mobility problems. Design of the room includes placing 1 or 2 panel enclosures, which gives a brilliant appearance of an open shower screen.

Keraglass offers showers for disadvantaged people with a special design for easier service.

In "walk in shower" style is still used "tray", while kanventsionalniyat shower, but offers more space for the user. This style can be used as an alternative where not recommended laundry.

7. Installation: Installation of the shower is crucial because it determines the strength and quality sealing and long-term operation.

Trust the experienced editors of Keraglass, that ensure not only quality installation, but also maintenance of the devices.

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