Luxurious materials winter garden glass give new life on old house

Luxurious materials
winter garden glass give new 
life on old house
When the new owners of this house from the 19th century began to renovate, they were looking for design tips, how to turn it into a bright, spacious and modern home. This is not an easy task, bearing in mind the major structural changes that had to undergo the house, including lowering one of the floors and the construction of a new basement under the house.

Here is a magnificent result!

The garden and park views from the rear of the house is a real attraction for the residents.

The dining area is located under the large glass panels in other lower residential area.

Glass railing secured stairs, not loaded by the presence of metal elements and handles.

The space under the staircase allows you to build useful working area - the perfect place for a desk and computer.

When you want more natural light over the work area in the kitchen, innovative solution is the placement of structural glass between two floors. To be safe to set foot on glass floor must be installed glass panels specially designed for the requirements of building control.

Glass ceiling panels are identical dimensions as the sliding glass doors to the backyard, which creates a feeling that you are standing in a glass box. This is quite significant space because missed much of the daylight and at the same time reveals a great view to the sky and garden for the inhabitants of the living room.

Large French windows with fixed panels on both sides, allowing to enjoy offering a panoramic view while relaxing. On the inside of the window is placed additional safety glass panel.