How to recoup the new bathroom when selling your home?

How to recoup
the new bathroom when selling
your home?
Renovation of the old bath is one of the best solutions for return on investment if you decide to sell your home. The renewal only the space around the shower is an easy and quick way to ensure facelifted bathroom and raise the price in the sale of housing.

However, you may want to bet on innovations that give modern bathroom design, but it can be a complex project that requires the intervention of a professional in the field. There are some common factors that will influence the cost of integrating shower.

Types of shower enclosures

Shower enclosures are available in several versions: shower, shower screen or a combination bath with shower screen. Can you plan to install the shower, but buyers you to have a family with young children in which more appropriate placement of the bath with shower screen. This gives them safety when bathing children, as well as the convenience of a quick shower for them.
Small bathroom look more compact when mounted on the shower screen. It occupies less space and with a few simple improvements to your bathroom will acquire a luxurious look.


 - Advantages: steam bath are available in various styles have many aesthetic touches, allowing them to be implemented in any style. Colors also have a wide range and price to fit every budget.
 - Suitable for every lifestyle, whether you want a luxurious bath or quick shower combinations available from bath with shower screen is a convenient way to get the best of both.
 - Dimensions: although they are larger than shower cubicles with a bilateral barrier function and look neatly along the wall.
 - Easy modification: only by placing the tiles along the tank, battery replacement and several small accessories, bathroom can become the ideal place for personal privacy.
 - Cleaning: For greater convenience, you can order special treatment of the glass screen called Protect Clean.

Keraglass company offers this unique protective coating protivokapkov effect which serves for easy and quick cleaning of the glass surfaces.

Shower cabins

Shower stalls are an excellent choice for small bathrooms, some improvements can lead to extremely luxurious appearance. Shower cabins have a base price, which depends on various factors such as size, shape, color, finishing and complexity of the project.

 - Cost effectiveness: showers spent 50% less water than baths;
 - Shower stalls can fit in a corner of the bathroom;
 - Safety: adults with disabilities do not have to worry about the slippery surface of the baths;
 - Replacing only shower tray can also update the look of the shower, and the price varies depending on whether you order ready porcelain bowl or prefer construction of new natural stone.

shower screen

Deciding to place the shower screen or curtain is according to personal preference. Shower enclosures have clean lines, yet they dostapnosta decreased by 50%, while the curtain gives comfort and is suitable for small prastranstva, but after a while, even the most well supported by them will begin to iglezhdat worn.
Pawar shower are available in two types: with or without frame. The frames are made of light metal with a different cover and sliding mechanisms.
Advantages: glass shower screens allow maximum light transmission in Shower space;
There are different matirovki, design, colors and allow greater privacy;
The special coating protects Protect clean glass shower screen from drying to spray water and allows easy cleaning.

Keraglass company offers a wide raznoobranie shower screens 1, 2 or concertina doors, sliding or static for more access.

As a final touch to improve the quality of your bathroom without spending a lot of money to add racks adapted for storing toiletries. Many adjustable racks are designed to fit into corners and mounted on any level.