Glass bath - for or against?

Glass bath - for or against?
There is no doubt that the glass walls give a more expansive view of the bathroom, but if you feel sufficiently secluded in it?

Glass walls in architecture are not new. You can meet them in the role of a window or as unobtrusive firewall staircase, but how will you feel when the glass walls were used to build a bathroom in your room? It's no secret that the glass walls eliminate certain level of privacy, but the question is whether it is not too?

First suggestion: interior glass wall. Taking a shower in this bathroom leaves little play of imagination.

An opaque band in the middle of the glass wall gives little privacy, but you have to predict how exactly to be large to feel comfortable.

At least if there is someone in bed, he will not have full visibility, but things change when you change position.

It seems that some of the bathrooms retain your privacy behind black glass partition and the transparent part gives visual space..

In this photo glass wall of the bathroom acts as the outer wall of the apartment, revealing spectacular views of the city. Most likely designer bathroom is like users in December to enjoy the panorama while taking a shower. Would you like such a bath if it means giving up their personal life?

Here's the other side of the coin: exterior glass wall. Let's hope that the only people who have access to the roof are the owners of the home.

Better make sure that the neighbors are not at home while you take a bath.

We must admit that the view of the river is very relaxing while you take a shower, but we must be careful about passing boats.

This exterior glass wall missing daylight, but unfortunately helps prying eyes.

This view assumes that you have a secluded place that gives you peace of mind. We can imagine many evenings relaxing in the bath.