Coverage system open space pools 4

Coverage system
open space pools 4
The Open Space-4 system is ideal for swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, smaller conference centers and reception halls. Heavyweight with a 4-section sectional design, it fits well in most architectural structures. The high-walled countries provide a comfortable environment and easy observation inside and outside the retractable building. Open space-4 systems provide quality, safety, ease of use, optimum value and design simplicity. The use of fewer components systems is designed to provide quick installation and are the most cost-effective model. The systems are custom-built with a maximum width of 12m x 60m with a maximum height of 4m.

Open space-4 systems are designed so that the IBC code can withstand combined combined wind and snow loads up to 240 kg / m2, providing safety and security for all times of the year. Available in free standing full height (A) and inclined side (B).

Maximum width: 12 m (40 ') / 14 m (46')
Maximum length: 60 m (196 ')
Work: Motorized or manual
Frames: 4
Glazing: PC or glass