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Covering of pools Model Monaco Future

Model: Bratislava pool
The design of Monaco Future is inspired by the form of natural droplets. It opens a great view in every situation and gives an elegant feel to your swimming pool. Infinite color variants, rails, roofing materials and accessories are available - the final design is yours!

Covering of pools Model Monaco Future

We use double-skinned polycarbonate thicknesses of 8 mm (S, M and L profiles). This roofing material has outstanding durability and high insulating performance. Of course, it also provides UV protection. We offer a choice of 4 color shades and the new Hammer!
Covering of pools Model Monaco Future

Profile color
The colors of the standard boxes are fixed and the custom boxes have the following portfolio of colors:

Covering of pools Model Monaco FutureCovering of pools Model Monaco Future
Enclosure modules have a standard length of 219 cm, unless otherwise indicated. The recommended module length is between 180 and 250 cm. We do not recommend other values to preserve the smooth movement of the casing.

Covering of pools Model Monaco Future

Pools - Made to order

 Covering of pools Model Monaco Future
Possible enclosure sizes
Width "B" 400 to 600 cm
Height "V" 215 to 250 cm
Lenght "E" unlimited

Covering of pools Model Monaco FutureCovering of pools Model Monaco Future

Custom dimensions:
Dimensions of individual boxes
Choice of over 68 colors and decorations of the support structure
Choice of appearance and color of the roofing material
Choice of rails
Type and location of the door according to your request
Individual Configuration

We approach each client individually when a swimming pool of atypical shape, size or location is to be covered. That is why we also offer roof constructions for custom pools. If the dimensions above do not meet your needs, we recommend the customized Klasik design ("Custom Dimensions").

Covering of pools Model Monaco Future

Climate conditions that prevail in our country during the summer months are often unstable and at worst this time may end the resting atmosphere earlier than expected. Besides, you will enjoy games in the pool much longer than your neighbor and at the same time you will warm your water for free. In a closed room the temperature of the water can be increased by about 8 ° C.

Covering of pools Model Monaco Future


Are you afraid that acquiring the pool will also mean many problems and that you do not have enough time to take care of it? Are you tired of never ending running around the pool to remove the dirt? Even in this case, your enclosure will only bring benefits. To a great extent it prevents dirt from entering the pool, which ensures a higher hygienic quality of water. So not only save time but also a significant amount of cash for chemicals in the pool.

Covering of pools Model Monaco FutureSAVE MONEY

Buying your own pool is often expensive and everyone will certainly appreciate some ways to save on its operation while preserving water life and quality. And that's why pool basin is one of the best helpers. It not only protects against ultraviolet rays, it reduces the dissolution of chlorine in the water, so you are not forced to use excessive amounts of chemicals but it also protects the pool from atmospheric conditions and any impurities. In this way his life is increased many times.


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