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Awning TF Prolux

Model: TF Prolux
With the TF-ProluxExtended awning model, you can have qualified, aesthetic and stylish appearanceon your top-doors. It is also a practical product with its easy installationand maintenance-free characteristics. The colors of the Prolux model, which areresistant to and protective against chemicals, remain alive for many years.

Awning TF Prolux

Product Dimensions
Model Depth Width
TF-PROLUX EXTENDED 15.15 150 cm 150 cm
TF-PROLUX EXTENDED 15.17  150 cm 170 cm
TF-PROLUX EXTENDED 15.19 150 cm  190 cm 

Die TF Prolux Serial-Markise, die als Türmarkise am Eingang der Arbeitsplätze und Villen bevorzugt wird, ist ein ruhmreiches und prestigeträchtiges Produkt, das diesen Gegenständen einen Mehrwert verleiht. Die Tragarme sind aus Aluminium gefertigt. Sein Dachmaterial ist 4 mm PMMA und es hat 100% UV-Schutz. Das Dachmaterial ist chemikalienbeständig und schützt vor Verblassen über viele Jahre.

Awning TF Prolux
Model Derinlik Genişlik
TF-PROLUX  SER. 15.15 Set Kit 150 cm 150 cm
TF-PROLUX SER. 15.15 Add Kit 150 cm 150 cm
TF-PROLUX SER. HL 15.9 Set Kit 150 cm  90 cm 
TF-PROLUX SER. HL 15.9 Add Kit  150 cm 90 cm
TF-Prolux Maxi awning gives the possibilities of closing wide areas and protecting them with maximum depth and connecting function. The product creates a large enclosed area in your balcony, terrace, shop, workplace, door and warehouse entrances.
TF-Prolux Maxi awning is a high quality and durable product with its stylish design reflecting all the beauties of spring with its sun-rays-protection and rain-resistant structure. The carrying arms of it are aluminum and the roofing material is 3 mm SOLID POLYCARBON. It has 100% UV-Protection. It is available to use it as both single and serial.

Awning TF Prolux

Product Dimensions
Model Depth Width
TF-PROLUX MAXI 20.9 Set Kit 200 cm  90 cm
TF-PROLUX MAXI 20.9 Add Kit  200 cm 90 cm

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